A Day in My Life - A Nottingham Photographer

If you're curious about my day-to-day as a Nottingham newborn photographer, keep reading. Today, I'm unveiling the behind-the-scenes of my working life, offering insight into how I organise my days while juggling responsibilities as a Mum of three girls ages 6, 5 and 3.



Let me start by expressing my deep love for my profession as a maternity, baby, and family portrait photographer! Running my own photography business brings me immense joy every single day. Waking up knowing I'll be meeting wonderful local families, expectant mothers, adorable babies, and children, and having the chance to create stunning artistic portraits for them is truly a dream come true!

Helping my clients capture the journey of their growing families through beautiful portraits is a passion of mine, and I can't imagine pursuing any other career. Whether I'm shooting in the Nottingham photography studio or amidst the natural beauty of the Nottinghamshire countryside side the opportunity to freeze moments in time that will be treasured for a lifetime is incredibly rewarding. Here's to many more years of capturing memories and making dreams a reality!

Early Morning.

My days typically kick off bright and early. With three girls to get ready for school, mornings are a hustle.

I wake around 6 am, dedicating about half an hour to check the day's schedule and attend to any emails or messages. Meanwhile, Matt takes charge of the first breakfast round and lovingly brings me a cup of tea as I wrap up my emails and research. Afterward, it's time for me to prepare for the day while ensuring the girls are fed even more – they seem to have bottomless appetites in the mornings!

By 7:15 am, Matt heads off to work, often swinging by the studio to ensure it's cosy and welcoming for my clients. Mornings can get a bit hectic as I juggle getting the girls dressed and out the door, but with a bit of encouragement, we always manage to make it on time. There may be some running involved but despite their protests in the morning we haven't had to go through the office yet! At the moment I have 2 site drop off. One at 8.30 and then a run up the road to school for 8.40am. From September, they will all be in the same school, albeit on 3 different playgrounds. So, that will make things interesting. 

Throughout the week, my schedule is often filled with newborn photography sessions – it's truly my favourite genre to capture! However, if it's not a newborn session, it might be a maternity, older baby, or family photoshoot. Generally in the week sessions take place in the Nottingham photography studio, however, I do sometimes do mini photography sessions in other locations around Nottinghamshire.


Mid Morning.

I arrive at the studio around 9.15-9.30am depending on how much nattering there is to be done with school Mum's. In this time I catch up on my notes from the consultation and set up for the session.

Around 10 am, my clients arrive at the studio with their little one, and we typically kick off around 10:30 am. Welcoming them warmly is a priority, as I understand that stepping into a professional photoshoot environment can be daunting, especially for first-timers. In a newborn session it can sometimes be over an hour before I even take my first shot and I use this time to settle baby while getting to know the parents and making them feel heard.

I recognise that new parents are still adjusting to the joys and challenges of parenthood, I strive to ease any nerves they may have. Reassurance is key at this stage – I let them know that feeling apprehensive is perfectly natural and that most babies are absolute angels once they're clean and fed, considering they spend a good chunk of their day sleeping!

Many parents are pleasantly surprised when I reassure them that they don't need to do much during the newborn photoshoot, they tend to do the first feed while I finish setting up then I am happy to do any changes and winding etc. I like to encourage them to relax and put their feet up while I work my magic behind the lens! I always make sure I tell them about the fab food cabin over the road and recommend they go and get themselves a hot cob that they can relax and enjoy with both hands!!!

There is never any pressure or expectations in sessions and they are always baby/child lead. It may be that I have a cake smash that takes under an hour or closer to 2. Or a newborn session that can take around 2 hours or if there are older siblings and baby is a bit fussy, closer to 4. 



My girls finish any time between 3-4.30 depending on the day. Depending on the shoot I have done will depend on whether I head home, pop out with the dog or download the cards from the session and do a sneak peek or if I have to head to get the girls straight from the Nottingham studio. 

When I'm not behind the camera photographing clients at the studio, my days are filled with editing images, engaging on social media, and tackling various administrative tasks. I also dedicate time to reaching out to clients who've inquired about sessions and managing my diary to ensure everyone gets scheduled in. The to-do list is never-ending, but I thrive on the busyness of it all! There is always something to be doing!!!



The evenings can also be quite chaotic. We have activities for the girls 3 nights a week (Rainbows, Football and Swimming) and so I'll cook dinner before we have to rush back out for one of these. Matt tends to put the younger 2 to bed and I will sort the oldest and she is quite independent at bed time, I will usually do an hour or so work before I play Netball 3 nights a week. I started this around a year ago and I love it. I do have a Peloton bike and treadmill, but I found I wasn't using them as I didn't have anyone relying on me. The fun competitive side of Netball and a group of great girls makes exercise fun and slightly addictive. 

If I am not playing I usually do a couple of hours of work or training before Matt and I will attempt to watch something. I head upstairs around 10 and once Matt passes out I usually do some more online training, research or admin.


With the studio days being Monday-Saturday (I never shoot 6 days a week, I aim for 3 or 4), having 3 girls, a husband, netball and Sunday football matches….life is BUSY!!!! There is always something to be doing, whether it be for the photography business, the latest school project, rainbows badge. But, I have never enjoyed “work” as much as I enjoy photography. I don't think I'll ever tire of bringing joy to my clients with stunning images of their family! For more details about our portrait photography sessions here at KM Photography in Nottingham, please reach out to us.



We can't wait to welcome you and your little one to KM Photography Studios soon!