Welcome to KMP, your premier destination for family photography in Nottingham!

Here at KMP, we understand the significance of updating your family portraits to immortalise those treasured moments that will endure for generations. Our family photography sessions in the Nottingham photography studio cater to children aged 10 weeks and older, offering a versatile approach that encapsulates the love, connections, and joys unique to your family dynamic.

Why are family portraits so crucial? Family photographs serve as tangible reminders of the love, laughter, and milestones shared with your loved ones. 
They freeze fleeting moments in time, allowing you to revisit cherished memories for years to come.

Before your session, we'll collaborate closely with you to plan every aspect of the shoot, from discussing your preferred outcomes to selecting outfit choices that reflect your family's style and personality. Our aim is to ensure that your session is tailored to your unique vision, resulting in images that authentically represent your family.

Whilst smartphones have made it easier than ever to capture everyday moments, nothing can replace the quality and artistry of a professional family portrait. Professional photographs possess a timeless quality that transcends the limitations of technology, capturing the true essence of your family in exquisite detail.

So why should you book a family portrait session with KMP, your Nottingham family photographer? Because your family deserves to be celebrated and cherished in beautifully crafted photographs that will stand the test of time. 

Let us help you preserve your family's legacy with images that capture the love, laughter, and joy that make your family truly special.

"We cannot express enough how grateful we are to Kate at KM Photography for the incredible experience and stunning photographs we received from our family photoshoot.

From the moment we contacted her, Kate was professional, accommodating, and truly invested in capturing our family's essence.

During the session, Kate made us feel relaxed and at ease, allowing us to authentically enjoy each other's company. We brought along not only our children but also our beloved dog and my parents. Initially, we hadn't considered including them, but Kate suggested it, and we are so glad we did. Little did we know, these images would become even more precious to us as we tragically lost our dog a few months after the photoshoot. Thanks to Kate's foresight, we now have beautiful photographs that capture our entire family together, including our beloved furry friend. 

When we received the photographs, we were absolutely blown away. Kate perfectly captured the love, joy, and connection shared within our family. Every image was filled with emotion and authenticity, and we treasure each one dearly.What started as a desire for updated family pictures turned into something much more profound, We have not just photographs, but a legacy that we can pass down through generations. These images will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and we are eternally grateful to Kate for her talent and dedication."

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