With Newborn full shoots we allow 3 hours for the shoot. Sometimes it can take a little while longer and sometimes we get through the set ups quicker. The younger the baby the better. Ideally, we would like to do newborn shoots within the 1st 2 weeks of baby's life. However, being a little older doesn't negate having a shoot. If the baby is older we are more likely to be getting shots while baby is awake as they stir more easily. 

I have a heater going all the time in the studio so it is likely to get very warm in there. So, grownups and older children please make sure you dress in layers so you can keep cool. 

I only take on one newborn shoot a day as sometimes they can run longer as of settling baby in between sets and feeding/winding etc. When you come in you won't feel rushed and we take it at the pace of baby.