The session is made up of 3 parts.

The first being the sitter session. This is where we get nice clean shots. We can also get some family shots in this part of the session as well. 

Then the second we introduce the cake in to the set. We liase before the session as to what vision you have. I like to keep things simple and not too elaborate as I feel that the focus of the session should be the baby and the cake they are demolishing, not the set around them. I can work with you to have something you will love or a theme you would like to incorporate. 

Thirdly, after baby has had enough cake we can move on to the splash part of the session.  We spend about 10-15min with baby in the bath getting some nice shots of them splashing around.

If you don't wish to use cake we could also look at other food stuffs such as spaghetti and for older babies, paint.