Newborn Photography Safety

It seems fitting that the one thing that is in the forefront of my mind at the moment is one of the first things I write a post about. One of the biggest things I've talked about recently on my social media is newborn photography safety.

I can't stress enough how important it is to priorotise  newborn safety. It's not just about getting the perfect photo, it's about protecting the life of a precious little human being. It takes more than just practice to pose a newborn, it takes proper training. I understand that parents want to save money, but please don't compromise your newborn's safety by choosing a cheap photographer. Professional newborn photography comes at a cost for a reason. Before booking a photographer, ask about their training and insurance. A true professional will gladly provide evidence of their training (as in whom they have trained under) and insurance. This isn't a marketing tactic, it's about raising awareness for the safety of newborns.

You have probably seen those stunning photos of babies posing on their own, but I'll let you in on a secret.... it doesn't happen like that. No baby can hold their head up or balance in their own hands without support. It's not worth risking your baby's safety for the sake of a cute photo. Some photographers may attempt these poses without proper training, so it's important to ask questions and make sure they are qualified. Remember, your baby is not a doll you can manipulate how you wan't, they are a real human being.
In a session the other week I was going through the raw images with a client and he seemed a bit disappointed that I hadn't got Froggy. He didn't know that this pose is actually a composite (where 2 or more pictures are merged together) and at no point hands ever leave baby. And it got me thinking how many other people are aware of this and how many people are going to shoots where this isn't the case and baby is at risk of injury? 

Choosing a trained newborn photographer is crucial for your baby's safety and the quality of your photos. Training equips photographers with specific skills to handle infants, ensuring a secure environment. While price matters, prioritising safety and expertise over cost is essential. Investing in a professional guarantees the delicate handling of your newborn, creating timeless memories without compromising their well-being. 

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