Nurturing Connections: The Importance and Benefits of Baby Groups in Nottingham


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Becoming a new parent is an exhilarating yet often overwhelming experience. The responsibility of caring for a tiny, precious life can be both joyous and anxiety-inducing. In Nottingham, however, there's a vibrant array of baby groups that cater to the needs of parents and their little ones right from the early days of infancy.


  1. Early Beginnings: From Bump


When you are expecting you may have so many questions, or you just want to talk about your experience. Not having friends in the same position as you, you may feel that you don’t want your pregnancy to be all you talk about with them or that you feel they don’t want to hear how your Pelvic floor is a mess already!!! Pregnancy isn’t all glowing and glamourous!!!!


There are many groups designed to support pregnant women. A great one I can recommend is Your Birth Your Way ( This just offer birth support in terms of Hypnobirthing techniques but also pregnancy yoga and pregnancy relaxation. Beth is a Mum of 2 gorgeous kids her self and her guided courses will help you feel more relaxed and less anxious about the birth process itself.


When I was pregnant with my first way back in 2017, I attended a getting ready for birth and baby course by the National Childbirth Trust. These are lovely groups and I hear stories from fellow Mum’s how many years later they are still close friends with the parents they met on these courses. They offer a more practical approach to having a baby such as learning about the physical process and practical help with things like how to change a nappy. For many people your own newborn may be your first experience of changing a nappy.




Now is also the time to book your maternity photography session. Maternity sessions are best booked for when you are around 32-38 weeks. It is recommended you book in advance to secure your session. 


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2 – The First Few Weeks/months.


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It might seem surprising, but there are baby groups designed for infants just days old. These gatherings create a supportive environment for new parents to share experiences, ask questions, and build connections. In Nottingham, these early-start groups provide a welcoming space for parents navigating the uncharted waters of parenthood. When the other parent goes back to work sometimes you feel like you just need some adult conversation. Groups are great for this. In the early days Baby Massage/Yoga is great, and there are breast feeding support networks around the Nottingham area as well.


Babies can struggle with trapped wind, colick and reflux. One thing I find always helps in Newborn Photography ( sessions is movement in baby’s legs and also tummy massages. Baby massages are a bonding experience between you and your little one and it’s also beneficial with helping with issues with wind etc. are based in the Amber Valley area and over towards Derby. I’ve worked with Donna quite a bit in the past running photo sessions for her. Many of the people that attend these classes stay in contact with one another and become friends over time.


There’s also Lauren who runs Little Legs with Lauren she offers a range of classes from pregnancy right up until starting school and amazingly through school holidays when older kids can come too.


Baby sensory classes of which there are a few different options are a great way of introducing your little ones to new stimuli. They enjoy classes with colourful lights, bubbles etc. When my oldest was around 2-3 months we attended a baby sensory class in Nottingham and I met another Mum there who I became friends with and still am. Our daughters ended up at the same nursery and became best friends and still are.


From around 6 weeks old your baby is more interactive. They love it when you sing to them talk to them and play with them. One class that I had experience of attending was Tiny Talk. I attended Tiny talk ( classes with my first from she was 6 weeks old and right through until my youngest started pre school full time. Generally they are block booked sessions but they do offer some as PAYG sessions as well.

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Stage 3 – Sitting to Pre School.


Nottingham offers so many baby/toddler and child classes that vary from free, to PAYG to block bookings.


There are sessions that run on weekends and through school holidays as well in which older siblings can attend. One session that I loved once my kids were older was Zumbini. It gets you up and moving about which is great for releasing endorphins.


For more outdoor based activities Nature Tots

The aim of Little Nature Tots is to ignite a love of learning in the early years through nature based invitations to play and open up the magic of the great outdoors.

Children will be able to access a variety of open ended resources carefully linked to their early development. Areas of play include: Mud kitchen, water play, construction, role play, sand and mark making. Themes will be changed regularly to keep the children engaged and interested in the learning opportunities.


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Nottingham boasts a rich tapestry of baby groups catering to diverse interests. Whether it's music and movement, sensory play, or breastfeeding support, there's a group to suit every parent's preferences. These groups not only contribute to the overall well-being of parents and babies but also enrich the local parenting community. The ones mentioned are ones I have experience of attending.






How Baby Groups can Help You as A Parent.

The early stages of parenting can be riddled with uncertainties. Baby groups offer a safe haven where new parents can express their concerns, seek advice, and gain reassurance from others who are navigating similar challenges. This shared camaraderie helps alleviate the anxiety that often accompanies the transformative journey into parenthood.


Building Friendships with Shared Interests


Attending baby groups is not just about the babies; it's an opportunity for parents to forge meaningful friendships. Sharing the common ground of parenthood creates a unique bond that can evolve into lasting connections. In Nottingham, the diversity of baby groups ensures that parents can find like-minded individuals with whom they can share the joys and trials of raising a child.


Socialisation for Both Parent and Baby


Beyond the friendships formed, baby groups provide a vital platform for the socialisation of both parents and infants. For babies, exposure to different faces and environments fosters early social development. Parents, on the other hand, get the chance to swap stories, advice, and tips, creating a sense of community that extends beyond the confines of the group.


A Variety of Groups in Nottingham


In conclusion, attending baby groups in Nottingham and the surrounding areas is more than a pastime for new parents; it's a lifeline. From the earliest days of infancy, these gatherings provide invaluable support, foster friendships, and contribute to the holistic development of both parent and baby. So, if you're a new parent in Nottingham, consider joining a baby group – you might just find a welcoming community ready to share in the joys and challenges of parenthood with you.


Having been a new Mum once, I was quite anxious about attending baby groups. However, once through the doors I found that everyone was so welcoming. Everyone else has been in that same position as a new Mum and attending a group for the first time.


When you come for a photoshoot in the Nottingham studio feel free to ask me about baby groups and my recommendations of ones I have been to personally. I offer maternity, newborn, cake smash, and family sessions in the studio.