OMG!!!! What Am I Going to Wear? - A Guide On What You Should Wear.


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You’ve booked your photo shoot. Great. Have you thought about what you may wear?


Family photos are more than just pictures; they are timeless heirlooms that capture the essence of your loved ones for generations to come. When it comes to family photoshoots, what you wear can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the images. In this post, we'll explore the importance of a coordinated colour palette and how to avoid clashing patterns, colours, and logos, all with the goal of drawing attention to the people, not their clothing.

 The Timelessness of Family Photos


Family photos have the remarkable ability to transcend time, allowing you to relive cherished moments and share them with future generations. So, it's crucial to consider what you wear in these images, as your clothing will become an integral part of the memories captured.

Coordinated Colour Palette

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One of the key principles in dressing for a family photoshoot is choosing a coordinated colour palette. By sticking to a specific range of colours that complement each other, you create a harmonious and visually pleasing piece of art.  Consider earthy tones, pastels, or cool shades for a timeless look. For example, if you opt for a soft and serene palette, everyone can choose colours like blush, sage, and light grey to create a cohesive and classic vibe.

Avoid Clashing Colours, Patterns, and Logos

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To maintain the focus on your family's expressions and interactions, avoid clashing colours, patterns, and logos. Distracting clothing choices can draw attention away from the people in the photo. Opt for solids or subtle patterns that blend well with the overall colour scheme. Staying away from bright, neon colours or bold patterns can help create a more pleasing, timeless look.

Emphasize Individual Style

 While coordinating colours and patterns is important, it's also essential to allow each family member to express their individual style. Encourage everyone to choose clothing that they feel comfortable and confident in, as this will translate into natural and relaxed expressions in the photos. If you are not comfortable in what you wear, chances are it will show in your photos. These photos are going to be on your walls and passed down through generations, when you look at them you don’t want to remember you weren’t comfortable, being comfortable you will love your images so much more.


 Classic and Timeless Styles

 When selecting clothing for a family photoshoot, consider classic and timeless styles. These never go out of fashion and will ensure that your photos look just as stunning decades from now as they do today. If you look back through the decades there have been some questionable fashion choices, we have all made. Leave the latest trend behind and stick to timeless. Remember the neon green and yellow from the 90s… how we all loved that…. You don’t want that in your photos.


Consider the Location

 Consider the location of your photoshoot. Whether you're in a natural setting, an urban environment, or a studio, the surroundings can influence your clothing choices. Ensure that your attire complements the backdrop and adds to the overall aesthetic of the photos. If you are coming to the woods for a Spring session, wear something that complements that; leave the sequins and kitten heels at home.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

 Accessories can be a great way to add a personal touch and tie your family's outfits together. Subtle accessories like scarves, jewellery, or matching shoes can enhance the overall look while maintaining the focus on the family members themselves.

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In the consultation before your shoot with me I will go through everything with you and discuss outfit choices etc. If you have any questions I am happy to discuss things in more detail with you ahead of the session.