The Newborn Photography Session.

Picture this: the world is moving at an ever-increasing pace, with constant change occurring. However, amidst this rapid motion, there remains one aspect that retains its timeless essence – the initial moments of a newborn's life. For new parents, the passage of time seems accelerated, and before they realise it, their tiny bundle of joy has outgrown their infancy. This is where newborn photography steps in – acting as a pause button for these fleeting moments.

How often do we hear parents express sentiments like:
"The days may seem long, but the years pass by in a blink."
"They grow up so quickly!" or "Time seems to be slipping away."

Consider all the endearing details – the gentle yawns, dainty toes, and serene sleeping expressions. These are the memories that parents long to preserve eternally. Newborn photography captures these nuances with exquisite artistry, and in 2024, it emphasises the documentation of these moments with heightened emotion and flair.

It's not merely about capturing images; it's about narrating a family's narrative right from its inception. These photographs become a part of a family's legacy, destined to be passed down to future generations. They serve as a reminder of how diminutive their little one once was and commemorate the commencement of the remarkable journey known as parenthood.

I am absolutely over the moon every time a family picks me for their ‘newborn photography near me’ search! It’s always a blast, and I love shooting newborns and their families. It all started with Mum, Dad or another loved one doing a quick search for ‘newborn photography near me’ and then I'm found on google.

Then you can read reviews that my wonderful clients have left, look at some sessions I have done previously and go through our socials.

Sometimes, I am not contacted until after baby has been born, but it's always worth getting in contact as we may still be able to get you in last minute.

Here is a run through of the session that you will have with KM Photography in Nottingham.

When you arrive in the studio you will first feed baby. In the pre session information I send over I discuss with you the way in which you can prepare for the session so you can get the most out of it. 

Once baby is settled then we begin. 

Baby Alone/Bare Baby.

The essence of bare baby photography lies in those timeless newborn captures where the baby is delicately posed on a fabric atop a sturdy surface. Simple accessories like wraps, headbands, and hats are occasionally added, but the spotlight remains on the pure beauty of the baby with minimal distractions. A stretchy fabric serves as a seamless backdrop, expertly draped over a solid surface like a posing beanbag or table.

Each photographer has their unique approach to these natural nude shots. Typically, they initiate with a particular pose and seamlessly transition to others. Through years of practice, we've learned that devising a posing sequence that minimises baby's movements yields the best results. Although planning this flow requires meticulous attention, the payoff is substantial – a serene, slumbering baby throughout the shoot, much to the delight of the proud parents.

With over a decade of photography experience, I've discovered that capturing these bare baby poses presents its fair share of challenges. Newborns naturally crave the comfort of being swaddled snugly, yet these poses defy that inclination. 

Moreover, achieving the desired bare baby shots necessitates an extremely drowsy infant. A contented tummy and a cosy studio environment work wonders in this regard. However, it's important to acknowledge that not all newborns will readily cooperate with bare poses. Some may grapple with gas or tummy troubles, while others remain unusually alert. In such instances, we adapt our workflow accordingly, either streamlining the process or prioritising swaddled shots to ensure a successful session. So many parents have said how they want to take me home with them to help at night when their little one is unsettled. I seem to have a knack and patience for settling a fussy baby.

I have a workflow that I follow as this means that transitions between poses are more gentle for baby and less movement for them.

The Froggy Pose - 

wm-FS2A5892 copy.jpg

Possibly my most requested shot. I usually start with this because baby will have just been fed and being in this position aids the movement of the milk through their digestive system and if they have any issues with wind it can help being in more of a burping position. Baby safety is always no1 priority, and baby is never left unsupported and hands are always on baby. 

Head on Hands - 

wm-FS2A2531 copy.jpg

Again another comfortable position for baby which helps digestion. It allows close ups of the little ones face so you can capture all those gorgeous details that you can cherish forever. 

Taco/Womb Pose

wm-FS2A0873 copy.jpg

This pose involves delicately crossing the baby's feet and positioning them over one another, creating a snug, curled-up appearance. A gentle hand is tucked beneath the baby's cheek, adding a touch of sweetness to the pose. 

Named for its resemblance to the fetal position in the womb during pregnancy, this pose captures the innate comfort and coziness that newborns naturally seek.

Bum Up - 

wm-FS2A9447 copy.jpg

In the "Bum Up" pose, the baby's feet are delicately crossed and positioned beneath their bottom, while one hand gently supports their cheek. This pose is often a favourite among babies, as it mimics the natural position they adopt when being cradled or burped by a parent, with their knees tucked under their tummy and their head turned to the side. Renowned for its timeless appeal, the bum up pose is a quintessential feature in the repertoire of bare baby shots in newborn photography.

Side Laying - 

wm-FS2A8501 copy.jpg

Continuing on, we transition to the side-lying pose, where the baby is positioned on their side with their legs extended and slightly bent. Their adorable feet are neatly stacked atop each other, with one hand cradling their cheek. It's worth noting that in this pose, the focus is on the baby's face, while the rest of the body gently blurs into the background. 

These are the main poses I do on the table, however, if baby is really settled and we are doing well for time there are a couple more poses that can also be done.

The Tucked in Pose. - 

wm-FS2A0332 copy.jpg
This pose allows me to get more features of the face and it would be where I do detail shots. The use of props adds to the image, or you may prefer with out. 

Womb Wrap - 

wm-FS2A8576 copy.jpg

This is a lovely pose that mimics how baby was in utero. It is a great way of getting detail shots with a slightly different take. 

Next on to the Props - 

Let's talk about props! I absolutely adore them! Not only do they infuse our photoshoots with added texture and dimension, but they also provide the perfect opportunity to capture those breathtaking close-up shots of baby's intricate details. During these sessions, the baby is carefully swaddled in a snug wrap before being gently placed into a prop. I use small posing pillows to support their delicate head, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the shoot. Then, I canexplore a multitude of angles to capture the perfect shot – from aerial views to side profiles, straight-on shots, and captivating close-ups. These can also be done unwrapped if little one is still in a deep slumber.

I have a range of props available to use in sessions. I ask that you pick out a couple you love before the session so I can plan the colours and textures I will use. 

wm-FS2A8619 copy_1.jpg
wm-FS2A7181 copy_1.jpg
wm-FS2A9543 copy.jpg
This is where I would bring any siblings or pets in to the session as well. 

Before moving on to.... 

More sibling and baby on the rug.

wm-FS2A1573 copy.jpg
Both parents, sibling/s/pet and baby

wm-FS2A6134 copy.jpg
Individual shots of parents with all children and just the newborn.

wm-FS2A8394 copy_1.jpg
wm-FS2A8679 copy.jpg

One of the perks of choosing our Nottingham studio for baby photography is that we take care of all the logistics for you. Our studio is fully equipped with a wide range of props, top-notch equipment, and professional lighting, all set up and ready to go. We assure parents that they only need to bring the essentials – baby, food, and a nappy bag I've got you covered with everything that is needed for baby for the photoshoot. Please don't worry about outfits or anything like that for baby as I can match baby to what you are wearing in my specialised newborn photography props, wraps and outfits.

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