The True Cost of Photography: Beyond the Click

Recognise this “Cheap Nottingham Photographer, Cheap Newborn Photographer, Cheap photographer near me, Cheap baby photography Nottingham”? Or are you on Facebook seeing “can anyone recommend a cheap newborn photographer in Nottingham, I need professional family photos in Nottingham, but can’t afford an arm and a leg. Recommendations for a cheap studio photographer in Nottingham.

 Well, I need to let you in on something. Photography isn’t cheap and here’s why.

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In a world where smartphones boast impressive cameras and social media platforms overflow with amateur snapshots, it's easy to overlook the true value of professional photography. Behind every stunning image lies a tale of dedication, skill, and investment that extends far beyond the simple act of clicking a button.

When you're in search of a photographer, it's tempting to opt for the cheapest option available, or searching things like ‘cheap newborn photographer Nottingham’ and asking in groups on social media for a cheap photographer in the Nottingham area, bear in mind this decision can come with significant risks. Entrusting your precious moments to an inexperienced or untrained photographer may result in subpar results or, worse, safety hazards, especially in specialised fields like newborn photography.

It's crucial to choose someone who knows their stuff, someone who is confident in handling you and your loved ones with care and professionalism.

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There's a common misconception that photographers make easy money, but in reality, professional photography requires significant time, skill, and investment in equipment and resources. Paying peanuts for photography may result in subpar results, as talented photographers often price their services to reflect the value they provide.


Think of it like choosing between a burger from a greasy spoon food truck and a gourmet Wagyu beef dish from a renowned Nottingham chef like Sat Bains. I haven’t been here myself (not that I don’t keep hinting to Matt that it is a dream and it is my 40th this year). Both are beef-based options, but the difference in quality and experience is substantial. Why does Sat charge more for his Wagyu beef than your greasy spoon burger. Head over to his website and one of the first things you will see is how between him and his wife they have over 65 years of experience with food. He will have invested a lot in to his training over the years, training isn’t free or cheap. His equipment; running a Two Michelin star restaurant will have its costs…. More than a truck. I can’t imagine he gets his knives and equipment from Tesco/Argos. He needs specialist top of the line equipment to give you the unforgettable experience you get when you book a table with them.

 You expect to pay more to visit Sat Bains than that Greasy Burger van, don’t you? Sure, the overall outcome is you are no longer hungry, but why are you willing to pay more for one over the other? You can go online and buy a cut of Wagyu from a specialist supplier. But, do you have the resources, knowledge and skill to cook it? You may have a friend who has just remodelled their kitchen having spent thousands on it… does that make them a good chef? These seem like really silly obvious questions don’t they. And we know the answer is "Of course not"!!!!!


The same principle applies to photography – investing in a skilled professional ensures superior results and a safer, more enjoyable experience.

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When considering photography, it's crucial to prioritise quality and safety over cost savings. After all, the memories captured in photographs are priceless, and it's worth investing in ensuring they're captured beautifully and reliably.

Beyond the session itself, the photographer's expertise shines through in the hours of preparation, planning, and communication that precede it.

During the shoot, their skill in guiding subjects, manipulating light, and capturing fleeting moments with precision and artistry becomes apparent. But, the work doesn't end there.

Behind the scenes, countless hours are spent sorting through images, selecting the best shots, and meticulously editing each one to perfection. It has been said that for every hour spent shooting in the Nottingham photography studio, that 9 hours of work goes on behind the scenes. This is all things like administrative work, setting up/taking down including cleaning, research, planning, editing and the vast ongoing training.

Photography may not be a regulated industry like medicine or engineering, but any photographer worth their salt has undergone extensive training and education to hone their craft. Safety, especially when working with vulnerable subjects like newborns, is paramount.

Choosing a reputable photographer ensures that your cherished memories are captured with care and professionalism.

Moreover, the cost of running a photography business extends far beyond the price of a camera. Props, equipment, and software all come with hefty price tags, not to mention ongoing expenses like insurance, subscriptions, and studio rent.

These investments ensure that photographers can deliver top-notch results while adhering to professional standards and industry best practices.

But beyond the monetary value lies the true worth of professional photography: the creation of timeless memories and cherished heirlooms. Each image serves as a tangible reminder of a moment frozen in time, ready to be passed down through generations.

It's not just a click; it's a legacy—an investment in memories that will endure long after we're gone.


We eat on a daily basis, but for special occasions we will invest in making memories and having something special. We wouldn’t go to Sat Bains on a weekly basis (unless we are multi-millionaires). When we want something special we are usually willing to pay more. So, the next time you consider hiring a photographer, remember that you're not just paying for a service; you're investing in a piece of your family's history. And while it may not come cheap, the priceless memories captured are worth every penny. Investing in these special moments such as maternity, newborn, milestones etc. do come with a cost, but a cost that is worth it for what you are getting.