What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag.

wm-FS2A9433 copy.jpgReady for Arrival: Packing Your Hospital Bag in the East Midlands

Congratulations on the impending arrival of your little one!

As you eagerly anticipate the big day, ensuring your hospital bag is packed and ready is a key part of your preparation. In the East Midlands, you have several excellent hospital options, each offering unique features. Let's delve into what to pack, explore hospitals in Nottingham, Derbyshire, and beyond, and also touch upon the importance of booking a newborn photoshoot.

What to Pack:

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For You:

1. Essentials:
- Maternity notes and identification
- Birth plan (if you have one)
- Comfortable nightwear and dressing gown
- Slippers and non-slip socks
- Nursing bras and breast pads …. You can buy reusable ones which feel much nicer than the disposable throw away ones…. A must if you decide to breast feed as it can be a tad sore to start.
- Nipple cream. If you are feeding then you can get sore. I used Laninosh cream, which while it is expensive, it is amazing.
- Maternity or Sanitary pads.

2. Toiletries:
- Toothbrush and toothpaste
- Hairbrush and hair ties
- Unscented toiletries; shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc.
- Lip balm

3. Comfort Items:
- Snacks and drinks. Best thing I took was the squeezy mini concentrated things of squash and a sports top bottle. That way if moving isn’t the easiest for you (if you have a c section etc) then you can keep the bottle at the side of you so you don’t need to move. Also nuts were a great thing for keeping me energised. I didn't really feel like chocolate and sweets, and with the rooms being warm chocolate was a bit soft anyway. You can make your own trail mix with nuts, coconut flakes and dried fruit. Gives you a sweet hit and energises you at the same time. 
- Mobile phone and charger … I recommend an extra long charger so you’ve always got your phone and devices handy.
- Pillow and a cozy blanket
- Entertainment (book, music, or a tablet). Remember headphones. No spoilers for anyone not caught up on the latest thing to watch.

4. Post-Birth Clothing:
- Loose, comfortable clothes
- Nursing-friendly outfits
- Big, comfy underwear…. Can’t emphasise the big enough!!!!
- Towel and facecloth


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For Baby:
1. Clothing:
- Sleepsuits and vests... bring a couple more than you think you may need as of those first few poos!!!!!
- Hat and mittens
- Blanket
- Going-home outfit

2. Feeding Essentials:
- Nappies and wipes
- Baby blanket
- Bottles and formula (if not breastfeeding)
- Muslin squares

East Midlands Hospitals:

1. **Nottingham City Hospital and Queen's Medical Centre.
- **Why Choose:** As one of the region's major teaching hospitals, it provides extensive maternity services. Opt for Nottingham City Hospital if you prefer a facility with a vast range of medical expertise and services.

2. **Royal Derby Hospital (Derby):**
- **Why Choose:** Known for its modern facilities and focus on family-centered care, Royal Derby Hospital is an excellent choice for those seeking a welcoming environment. The hospital's commitment to individualized care makes it a preferred option for many expectant parents.

3. **Kings Mill Hospital (Sutton-in-Ashfield):**
- **Why Choose:** Serving the wider Nottinghamshire area, Kings Mill Hospital provides a serene setting. If you're looking for a hospital with a more suburban feel while maintaining excellent maternity services, this could be the ideal choice.

4. **Chesterfield Royal Hospital (Chesterfield):**
- **Why Choose:** Serving Derbyshire, Chesterfield Royal Hospital is praised for its friendly atmosphere. If you're looking for a hospital in a more suburban setting while still ensuring top-notch maternity services, this could be the right fit.

Something you may want to consider is how far from the hospital you are. When I had my first baby I lived on the Derby/Nottinghamshire border. We chose Chesterfield as it was only 20 minutes away from us and it could take over an hour in rush hour traffic to get to Nottingham. Chesterfield is a smaller hospital with a very personal feel… so much so when we returned 18months later, and 18 months after that they remembered us. We really liked the small personal feel of it and even when we moved house to within 10 min of another hospital we decided to stay with Chesterfield.

When to Pack Your Bag:

While it's difficult to predict exactly when your baby will arrive, it's advisable to have your hospital bag packed and ready by around the 32nd week of pregnancy. This ensures you're well-prepared in case of an early arrival, giving you peace of mind.


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Booking Your Newborn Photoshoot:

In the midst of your preparations, don't forget to think about capturing those precious early moments with a professional newborn photoshoot. Booking in advance is crucial, as newborns change rapidly in their first weeks of life. A skilled photographer can artfully capture the innocence and beauty of your baby, creating timeless memories that last a lifetime. People regularly travel to us from all over the East Midlands, South Yorkshire (Sheffield and surrounding areas) and even the West Midlands because of recommendations and because of the quality of newborn photography. Being close to J26 of the M1 we are easily accessible.

As you prepare for this exciting journey, consider your hospital options in the East Midlands, pack your bag in advance, and secure a spot for your newborn photoshoot. Wishing you a smooth and joyous birthing experience!


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