Why A No Phone Photography Policy on Photoshoots.

When it comes to professional photo shoots, it's not uncommon for photographers to request that other people refrain from taking photos during the session. This may seem puzzling to some, but there are valid reasons behind this request.

Firstly, distractions can be detrimental, especially when children are involved. Professional photographers often strive to capture genuine moments by engaging with their subjects and coaxing out natural expressions. Allowing others to take photos can divert the attention of the child, making it harder for the photographer to establish a connection and capture those precious moments.

Secondly, photography is an art form, and photographers put significant effort into planning their sets, composing their shots, and creating a unique visual narrative. Allowing others to take their own photos of these carefully curated setups can diminish the photographer's creative vision. It's akin to someone claiming someone else's artwork as their own, which is why some photographers consider it a form of theft.

Lastly, professional photographers undergo training in posing and directing their subjects. They invest substantial time and effort in perfecting their workflow, ensuring that every detail contributes to creating stunning images. Allowing others to snap their own photos can disrupt this process and potentially undermine the photographer's expertise.

By maintaining exclusive control over the photography during a session, professional photographers can focus on their craft and deliver the best results possible. It's about creating a conducive environment where their skills and artistic vision can flourish, ultimately leading to exceptional photographs that capture the essence of the subject.