Why Should I Have A Cake Smash?

A cake smash is a lovely way to celebrate your little one's birthday in a unique and playful way. Not only will you capture stunning images, but you won't have to worry about any post-session clean up. Once the shoot is complete, you'll have access to an online gallery to pick your images from.

For those who have never heard of a cake smash photography session, the concept may seem a bit strange. Why would anyone order a beautiful cake, dress up their 12-month-old, and then take pictures of the child destroying the cake and making a mess?

Because it is so much fun!!!!

Cake smashes have become increasingly popular as a unique, fun, and memorable way for families to come together.

The cake smash is often a baby's first introduction to the deliciousness of cake. At any younger age, the baby may not even care for it - after all, how often has a baby preferred the box to the gift at Christmas? The first birthday is the perfect time to introduce cake!

One advantage of a cake smash photography session, particularly in my Nottingham based photography studio, is the bath scene. Every one-year-old needs a bath, but this way, parents can have fun bathing their little one knowing that the cake smash mess will be fully cleaned up by someone else, for once.

Cake smash photography sessions are typically done around the baby's first birthday, between 10 and 12 months. The resulting photos can be used for party invitations, displayed on a board at the party, or simply cherished as the perfect way to celebrate a baby's first birthday. And who knows - maybe they'll even make for some funny, embarrassing photos to add to the collection when the baby turns 21!

A cake smash and splash session lasts around an hour and there are 3 parts to the session. 
When you arrive at my Nottingham based photography studio the planned set will be set up ready. I will start taking photos of baby on the themed set without the cake. The cake is then introduced and this part is where they get to eat the cake and make a mess. Once they have had a few minutes with the cake (sometimes we need to spend a bit longer depending on baby) I then get the bath ready for them.

99percent of babies love the splash session and results in some gorgeous images. 

After the little one is cleaned up you also have the opportunity for family photos on a plain background. You can even bring gandparents and other family members. What a way to celebrate a 1st birthday. 

Cake Smash sessions make a lovely gift as well. What do you give a 1 year old that is meaningful and lasts forever.... memories and photos!!!!!

I have 3 kids (close in age) and am always on the look out for no stuff presents. My house is over run by toys and we really don't need any more. If like me you are struggling to think what to get someone who has everything/doesn't need anything.... then a photoshoot is a fantastic gift!!!