A Guide To The Cake Smash

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Celebrating your baby's first birthday with a cake smash session is a wonderful way to create lasting memories, and choosing the right photographer can make all the difference. KM Photography specialises in capturing those adorable, messy moments, and proper preparation ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We are based in Nottingham, in the Bulwell area. I am in a commercial premisies with parking available. 


It isn’t just about the Cake Smash and there are other elements of the photoshoot that make it up to give you a gorgeous gallery: Portraits, Cake, A Splash and more portriats on an unthemed background which can include the rest of the family as well.

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Ahead of the session we will discuss the theme you may like. Have a browse through my website and look what I have done before. You may already have an idea and with enough planning I can tailor the cake smash and theme towards you.

Selecting the Perfect Cake
- Some of my sessions include the cake and I will choose a colour that works with your theme. If you don’t have a session that includes the cake opt for a photogenic cake: KM Photography recommends cakes with a soft texture for the best visual impact in photos. Avoid hard fondant icing; this won’t smash.

- Consider theme coordination: If you have a specific theme in mind, coordinate the cake design to complement it. Discuss your ideas with the me to plan the perfect setup.


In terms of the baby’s outfits, I do have a selection of things that you can use. However, if you wish to bring your own, ensure you have a nappy cover if wearing a dress and avoid tights. It’s nice to see their toes.

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Before we introduce the cake, there will be a time for photos on the set without it to get some stunning portraits. Then we introduce the cake.


In the lead up to the session, ensure that your little one has had the chance to explore textures in food and has tried some baby lead weaning. If a baby has never experienced feeding themselves or messy play the outcome can be very different to what you imagine when you think of a cake smash.

Bring Drinks, Snacks, and a Towel.

- Stay refreshed: Bring along drinks and your baby's favourite snacks to keep everyone energised during the session. Sometimes the cake may be a bit overwhelming, so putting some of their favourite snacks in the back of it will encourage them to explore the cake.

- Be prepared for mess: Pack wipes and towel for quick clean-ups, ensuring your baby stays comfortable throughout the experience.


There is a splash session in the tub on the set after they have had some cake. This gives you even more gorgeous photos and variety in the gallery. Having one of your towels from home gives them familiarity and makes them more comfortable.

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Inclusive Family Sessions:

- Involve the whole family: KM Photography encourages parents and siblings to join in on the fun. Capture the joyous moments as a family, making the session a memorable experience for everyone. After we have done the cake smash and splash I can take photos on a plain set of the whole family. Refer to my post on what to wear for this. See here

Flexible Timing for the Perfect Shot.

To have the photos ready for your baby's birthday, consider scheduling the cake smash session when your baby is around 10.5-11 months old.

While this is the suggested time, KM Photography understands that life is unpredictable, and sessions can be scheduled at any time according to the studio's opening hours. Or, it may be that you wish to have the session as close to the birthday as possible.

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Weekend sessions can fill up months in advance. While I will try to accommodate you, there is no guarantee of this. If you know you need a Saturday session I advise contacting me 2-3 months before you think you will need the session.

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